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Bramm's Award Journal
November 2016 vol. II.


It’s Good... Enough
— Triple Cup Bourbon Journal Quarterly


If at first you don't succeed...

get someone else to do it for you

         It all began in a musty dark room on a stormy Tuesday evening in 1863. Two men, John M. Rory III and William C. Blackmeyer got sick of the Jones' Liquor store three blocks down. In retaliation for the explicit lies the Jones' claimed on their label, such as, "infused with the rare baltic sea flower of Odysseus", "High-Quality Ingredients" and "Bourbon"; the two did what any other normal person would do: they burnt the distillery down and slaughtered the Jones' family.

Just kidding.

         To stand up for quality and genuine ingredients John & Will rolled up their sleeves and, using their own hard-earned dollars, built their own distillery.

         The first few batches of bourbon tasted just awful (such is the fate of those who are beginners). Years went by and the bourbon got better, but their efforts were not enough. After having spent the majority of their fortune making bourbon "fit for cleaning with",  they made one last monumental attempt. As fate and fortune would have it, on the proclaimed "last batch ever" a raging fire broke out and nearly flattened the distillery to ash. Though most of their reserves were caught up in the inferno, luckily only one barrel of the new recipe was left intact.

 The brothers after their distillery burned to the ground. *

The brothers after their distillery burned to the ground. *

            After years of waiting, watching, hoping and hard work they uncorked the last barrel. The amber-gold liquid sprang from the barrel and into their glasses. Will confidently exclaimed, "We raise a glass - to our HOPES & DREAMS!" The two cautiously raised their glasses to their lips...

...and promptly spit it out in disgust. 

            What died in their hands became our namesake. To say the very least, their hopes & dreams ended up on the rocks - which is right where our bourbon should end up. In their spirit we brought back their famous last words to be placed right on our bottles of phone-bought bourbon. In their honor, we began by fixing John and Will's greatest mistake - trying to make it themselves -  and relied on the age-old technique of paying someone else to do a better job.

Hopes & Dreams, it's good....enough.

Mediocre at best... drinkable at worst
— Bourbon Enthusiast Daily 2016