Q. What is hopes and dreams?

A.  A bourbon whiskey - well, depending on who you ask.

Q. is this a real thing, or just a fake product?

A. Yes.

Q. But seriously?

A. I decided to make an elaborate joke in the hopes (& dreams) that I could produce an actual product. If people like it, then awesome! And if not, then awesome! If you want to see it become a reality, take a moment to fill out a form here.

Q. Do you sell the bourbon?

A. Not yet, for financial and legal reasons - it costs a lot to buy and get the bourbon to distributors! Want a bottle?  Get it to your area by requesting it here.

Q. DO you sell it online?

A. No, Federal Law restricts us from selling it online at the moment - that could change in the future! Want a bottle?  Get it to your area by requesting it here.

Q. What if I slip you guys a hundred bucks? Then can you sell it to me?

A. No we "can't" *wink wink* - fill out the form here for a special deal.

Q. By Jove, that is a gorgeous bottle - who designed that bad boy?

A. Chad Michael Studio designed that damn fine bottle. You should see some of his other amazing work here.