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The Boilerplate Spirit

Machine-Crafted In Large Batches
from Randomly selected casks.



2016 - "It's Fine" Award - The Peoples International Foundation of Bourbon Excellence Council

2016 - Spectacular-Mediocre - Cocktails: Old Fashioned - Chair Person Ultimate Bourbon Challenge

2016 - "Wouldn't Avoid It" Short List - Bramm's Award Journal

2016 - World Spirits Review, Bourbon No Age - No Need to See I.D. - "Old Enough"

2016 - “Contains Alcohol"Science Journals Quarterly - March Edition

2016 - Gold Medal - The World of Average Bourbon - July 2016 Edition


Our Process

       Blood, sweat and tears were poured into each bottle of bourbon we produce. (Unless you're the FDA, in which case we totally don't do that.) Of course, this bottle could be labeled handcrafted & artisanal bourbon -

      But then we’d be liars.

      A lot of time was spent on the phone with the guys that actually produce this stuff and they assure us it’s the best you can have for the price. We could also tell you how much time we put into crafting each bottle but to be honest, the machine is pretty fast.


2016 World’s Okayest Bourbon
— The Peoples International Foundation of Bourbon Excellence Council

Tasting Profile


90 Proof


A light brown infused with fresh colors of a lightly spritzed bark, blended into sweet mahogany leather.

(just like. #5E4E30)




Optional. Easier to muscle through with ice.


"Alright, Alright, Alright."

Matthew M.

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